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In this series of short films, leading members of the advertising industry have the tricky task of selecting just three TV ads that have inspired them: …

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I have a Google account within my YouTube so I just went into it and changed my AD I’d and opted out of personalized commercials and it stopped. It wasn’t …

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Frontiers | TV vs. YouTube: TV Advertisements Capture More Visual Attention, Create More Positive Emotions and Have a Stronger Impact on Implicit Long-Term Memory

von D Weibel · 2019 · Zitiert von: 14 — According to Bronner and Neijens (2006), the following factors account for advertising effectiveness: information (does a commercial offer new …

In an experiment, effects of commercials that are either shown within a TV program or embedded in YouTube videos were compared. These two media environments have not yet been compared empirically in terms of their advertising impact. A within-subjects design and a multi-method approach were used (N = 36). Eye tracking data show that more attention is allocated to advertisements that appear within a TV program compared to the YouTube-condition and the viewing experience elicited more positive emotions in the TV-condition. Two days after reception, no difference in recognition, likeability, and purchase intention occurred, but in terms of implicit long-term memory: In the TV condition, brands that were previously advertised but no longer remembered elicited stronger skin conductance change than brands for which no advertisements had previously been shown. In terms of advertising impact, TV seems to still be the better choice for advertisers. Presentation mode should be considered in future evaluation of advertisement potential.

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